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Eurydice, Alive

art&fiction Publications, 2021

Fusing essay, poetry and provocative prose, this hybrid work is an emotionally complex portrayal of loss and resurrection. The book ranges from memoir through myth to the overlapping lives of past artists in a fractal narrative traversing interior and exterior landscapes. 

In a brisk and unflinching account of the death of the narrator`s mother, the reader descends into the subterranean realms of grief as the loss unfurls into interconnected and unexpected stories of the underworld. From Eurydice`s indifferent return to Orpheus to a poet`s regret for the ghost that haunts him, each story is rich with the resonances in-between. 

Written in simple yet elegant prose, it is a story about emergence and the struggle to come alive. The result is a text as intense and urgent as the heartbeat the author is seeking.

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CHF 16.00

Schwyz. Uri. Unterwalden.
edition taberna kritika, 2024

Schwyz.Uri.Unterwalden. is a book-length contemporary essay whose spare fragments reflect the pursuit and dissolution of identity. The narrator, a foreigner to Switzerland, performs 21 walking trips through the founding cantons of the country in order to encounter the landscapes hidden beneath the common clichés. With every discovery of a canton, the others are cast in a new light, remapping the meanings of each locality.


Through extracts of moment by moment experience, the text becomes a self-documentary exploration which traces the contours of belonging and the insufficiency of borders which stay in one place. 


This compilation of lyric fragments transcends the conventions of regional literature as it invites the reader to witness a world both familiar and unexpected. The meditative essay becomes a monument to the unique realities and projections which create a place, and to the surprising experiences which might emerge there.

CHF 18.00

I don`t remember saying it, 
but they tell me that 
on the day I arrived,
I announced 
I would never leave.

This book is a meditation on the materiality of the places that move us. Through an experimentation with the limits of language, the narrator depicts a world as felt through the senses before the stories of meaning begin. In a prose unweighted by narrative appropriation, objects come to life and the reader enters into the spacious realm of presence.


SOLD OUT CHF 12.00 (2nd Edition coming soon!)

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