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Silent Reading Salon

For the release of two of my books, I hosted a performative and silent reading event in which guests are invited to a living room constructed in a field. Lounging on sofas, rugs and armchairs in the middle of the countryside, the audience becomes part of the sensory landscape described in the texts. 

Event produced with the support of Zurich University of the Arts
Bruderholz, Reinach, Switzerland


Group exhibition in collaboration with Creative Alps Academy

Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall, Germany

What is the role of innovation in the Alps? What lies behind the clichés we have come to associate with the region? After an intensive week of input and discussion, a team of transdisciplinary artists create an exhibition which explores new narratives in an effort to rethink the future of the Alps.

"How far away am I from you?"


Performance in collaboration with dancer Evan Foster 
Held at BlackoutBasel Festival, Basel, Switzerland

The definition of distance is examined in the growing gap between two bodies held together by a string. Following the full length of a ball of thread, distance develops and evolves, shifting with the landscapes of the in-between. At what point is one near or far, and where does the space of separation begin? These are the questions which guide an interactive outdoor performance which was part of a city-wide project to dissolve the lines between artist and audience, as well as gallery and public space.


"To a willing person, injury is not done"

Text in collaboration with Sylvain Baumann and Douglas Stichbury. UV print on brushed stainless steel. Produced by Sylvain Baumann for the exhibition Terms and Conditions, L’espace d’Art Contemporain (les halles),

Porrentruy, Switzerland


Positioned on the front wall of the exhibition space, this text serves as a contractual object between proprietor and viewing participant. I contributed to both the written and conceptual development of the piece which blurs lines between doubt and assurance and brings into question the boundaries of trust.

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